David Cameron backed by 5,000 small businesses

Do you think he’s the man for the job?

David Cameron

The Conservatives have received a timely boost with just days to go to the general election, thanks to a letter published in The Telegraph signed by 5,000 small business owners.

Organised by the Tories’ small business ambassador Karren Brady, it warns that a Labour government would be ‘far too risky’, suggesting that it would ‘undo all the good work of the last five years’. In the letter the 5,000 small businesses praise recent government policy, confidently stating that ‘This Conservative-led government has been genuinely committed to making sure Britain is open for business’.

With signatories coming from right across Britain’s small business spectrum, the letter could be seen as blow to Cameron’s rivals for Number 10. Despite the fact these 5,000 small businesses are a minor fraction of the 5 million in the UK, there’s no underestimating the impact a public backing of this nature could have ahead of voting day.

Read the letter in full below, and tell us if you agree.

SIR – We run small businesses right across the country.

We work hard, make sacrifices and invest our own money to help our businesses grow and succeed.

It was tough during the recession, but we kept going.

This Conservative-led Government has been genuinely committed to making sure Britain is open for business.

They’ve managed to get the economy moving again by tackling the deficit, helping to keep interest rates low and inflation down.

We’ve been helped by their steps to lower taxes, reduce red tape, simplify employment law and get the banks lending.

The good news is that businesses like ours have helped to create 1,000 jobs a day since 2010.

We would like to see David Cameron and George Osborne given the chance to finish what they have started.

A change now would be far too risky and would undo all the good work of the last five years.

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