Meet the landlords from heaven

Are you the landlord that tenants dream of?

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They’re often saddled with a bad reputation, but this lovely bunch of property owners are helping to give landlords a better name. This article is part 2 of our heaven & hell series - Meet the tenants from hell here!

The generous types

One tenant told us that at Christmas, his landlord bought him and his flatmates new Playstation games to say thank you for being responsible throughout the year!

When the fridge broke, the landlord bought two new fridges for the flat, and told the tenants that they could sell the old one for beer money (party on!)

Those that go the extra mile

Back in 2013 we were impressed by the story of Yvonne Kirby, whose unpleasant experience as a tenant made her determined to be an exemplary landlord. She offers her tenants help with moving in, and often leaves them welcome cards, wine and chocolates.

She says that she wants her tenants to feel happy and settled rather than stressed, and in return she finds that her tenants are keen to keep her properties well-maintained. They even send her Christmas cards and invite her round for tea!

Happy to help

Many positive landlord stories come from tenants whose landlords are always quick and efficient at dealing with problems.

As a tenant, there are few things worse than a faulty boiler that never gets fixed, or a plumbing problem that keeps on dripping.

When my friend’s rented flat was broken into, she was really grateful to her landlord for sending someone round straight away to make sure that the property was secure and a burglar alarm was fitted.

Being a landlord from heaven

Being a benevolent landlord and having a good relationship with your tenants obviously comes with a whole host of benefits. Here are some top tips for being a good landlord:

  • Meet your tenants before they move in and check references so that you know each other and you’ve chosen tenants you think you can trust.

  • Seriously consider a managing agent if you’re living in a different country, or if there’s another reason that you can’t give much time or attention to any issues.

  • Landlord insurance is always a good idea.

  • Gather a list of local, reliable tradesmen such as plumbers and electricians, so that you have someone to call.

  • Leave an information pack at the property with useful manuals and guides to things like the boiler and the location of the water and electricity meters.

Remember that as well as being your property, this is also your tenants’ home. Try to make them feel welcome and comfortable.

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