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From landlords with extensive property portfolios to owners who have rented their houses when they struggled to sell, Britain’s landlords are a diverse bunch.

We’ve recently reached an important milestone: we now have 100,000 landlord policies on our books.

Landlords have always been an integral part of our customer base, and we’re delighted that so many have chosen Simply Business to keep their rental properties safe.

But there are currently lots of changes afoot in the rental world, as new regulations alter the landscape and the political parties make rental-related election promises.

To celebrate our 100k milestone, we take a look at some of the possible rental market game-changers.

Foreign tenants

Is new regulation likely to lead to landlords shying away from tenants with foreign accents? That’s the fear of some people working in the housing sector. They’re concerned that new rules requiring landlords to ensure prospective tenants have the right to rent property in the UK will mean that landlords avoid non-British renters altogether. The issue caused a heated discussion on our Facebook page.

Debate over rent controls

Recent surveys have shown that tenants are overwhelmingly in favour of rent controls, while unsurprisingly most landlords oppose them. Most of the political parties have been reluctant to support rent control, although the Green Party – who are currently enjoying a surge in popularity – have come out in favour. There are unlikely to be changes any time soon, but the debate is likely to continue, as the number of people living in privately rented accommodation reaches record levels.

Low mortgage rates

Last month we brought you the news that buy-to-let mortgage rates have dropped to an average of just 3.82%. The number of buy-to-let loans available has also leapt. Meanwhile, rental rates are remaining stable or rising, offering landlords attractive opportunities to boost their returns. Experts are saying that poor interest rates on savings are helping to make buy-to-let an increasingly appealing proposition.

Tips and guides for landlords

Whether you’re a seasoned landlord or your mulling over the idea of renting property for the first time, we’ve got a whole load of useful guides to help you out. Try these for starters:

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