Which Dragon from the BBC’s Dragons' Den are you?

With Dragons’ Den back on the box we help you find your entrepreneurial alter ego.

Do you have a reputation for fiery put-downs, or are you the energetic type who’s always looking for the latest technology?

With Dragons’ Den returning to our screens, find out which investor you most closely resemble.

Smart Dragon: You tell it like it is, and you’re a star at pithy one-liners. Your tailored suit is as sharp as your tongue and you prize your independence highly.

Debs Dragon

You’re… Deborah Meaden:

Deborah’s been running businesses since she left college, and she’s been part of Dragons’ Den since series three.

She’s never made the biggest single investment in any of the series, but she’s invested a total of over £2 million pounds during her time in the Den.

Never shy of a challenge, Deborah took part in BBC ballroom dancing competition Strictly Come Dancing in 2013.

Deborah’s words of wisdom: Deborah is a firm believer in the powers of observation: she says that paying close attention to what’s going on around your business as well as within it is key. Keep reading, talking and watching, as well as doing.

City Dragon: You’re energetic and focused, with a strong competitive streak. You’re clued-up on new technology valuing confidence and innovation in others.

Piers Dragon

You’re… Piers Linney

Piers has a City background; he’s worked in both law and investment banking.

After leaving the busy world of finance, he became involved in mobile, data and cloud technology, and joined the Den in series 11. His investments so far have including tanning and travel companies.

Piers is a keen cyclist and he also spends time on charity work.

Piers’s words of wisdom: Piers thinks that you’re more likely to be successful if you’re doing something you love, and recommends a collaborative approach to business.

Design Dragon: You’re smart and articulate, with an impeccable eye for design. If someone doesn’t match up to your exacting standards, you’ll fix them with an icy glare…

Kelly Dragon

You’re… Kelly Hoppen

Kelly’s one of the newer dragons (who’ll be leaving the end of this series!), but she’s nonetheless made an impression with her direct approach and eye for design.

Outside the Den, she’s a successful interior designer, bringing her ‘East meets West’ aesthetic to the homes (and yachts) of the rich and famous. She was awarded an MBE in 2009 for services to interior design.

She’s self-taught, having begun designing as a teenager, without any formal training. Kelly’s made some successful investments on the show so far, and says that she’s investing in the person as much as the product.

Kelly’s words of wisdom: Brand innovation and networking are the key to success. She says that to keep on top, you need to keep expanding your offering, taking risks but making sure new ventures fit in with your overall brand.

Tech Dragon: You can be intimidating and you’ve been called ‘fierce’ by some, but you’re keen to get involved if you spot an attractive idea.

Peter Dragon

You’re… Peter Jones

Serious and inscrutable, Peter’s been on the show since the beginning. He’s also appeared on screens in the States, in a similar show called American Inventor.

Peter has invested in a wide range of businesses during his time in the Den, putting over £3 million into ventures, including Wonderland Magazine and the now-famous Reggae Reggae Sauce brand.

His business portfolio includes media, telecoms and leisure companies, and was awarded a CBE in 2009.

Peter’s words of wisdom: Peter says that surrounding yourself with the right kind of people is crucial: make sure those around you have energy and commitment.

Grumpy Dragon: Some think you’re gruff, but you’ve been in business for a long time and you don’t take any nonsense. You can be generous in your approach, but if you think something’s rubbish then you’re quick to say so.

Duncan Dragon

You’re… Duncan Bannatyne

Duncan has brought his brand of tough-talking to the Den, but has confirmed that this run will be his final appearance as one of the Dragons!

During the course of his business life, Duncan has traded cars, sold ice creams and founded a nursing home company. He now runs a successful chain of health and fitness clubs.

While on the show, he’s ploughed nearly £2 million into start-up ventures, citing the electrical connector innovation ‘Chocbox’ as his most satisfying investment.

Duncan’s words of wisdom: Duncan thinks that plain old hard work and never giving up are essential for success. A healthy dose of self belief doesn’t hurt, either.

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