Six New Year resolutions to make for your SME

Give your business some resolutions to stick to during 2015…

New Year

It’s January, it’s grey and the Christmas holidays are a distant memory. Equally though we’re in a new year filled with new opportunities.

Chances are you’ve already broken your personal resolutions, but fear not as there’s still plenty of time to set some business based commitments. Here’s six from us to lead you to a prosperous 2015…

Seek out some government support

George Osborne promised some substantial investments in last year’s autumn statement, committing to put around into £900 million into business support schemes, whilst you can be sure his opponents are drawing up similar plans in the battle to be ‘the party of small business’.

Essentially then whatever way the election goes we’re likely to see some increased SME investment, so keep an eye out for new initiatives as the year progresses. In the meantime use’s support finder to get your hands on existing grants, loans and mentoring schemes - there might be more than you think.

Make your website mobile-friendly

Regardless of whether you’re yet to set up a website or you’re already firmly online, 2015 should be the year you create a mobile-friendly site.

Successive studies from the ONS suggest that we’re shifting onto our mobiles to search the web, smartphones becoming the most popular way to access the intenet. So, if you don’t want to risk losing customers give your website a quick test. Google provide an excellent tool to help you do this and can guide you if something is awry, their analysis highlighting potential problems and tips to help you counter them.

Crack on with some content marketing

Content marketing’s been around long enough now to prove that it’s here to stay, so if you haven’t already why not start the new year by building a content marketing strategy?

Blogging is a good place to start, as is getting your business on social media. But don’t be afraid to be ambitious and flex your creative muscles. Take inspiration from success stories like the Dollar Shave Club.

Get to grips with the tax facts

A good grasp of all things HMRC can do wonders for your cash flow, sparing you from unnecessary costs and making your business more profitable.

Bear in mind that there’s an extraordinary amount you can expense as a small business, whilst your legal structure can impact upon what you pay too. Take a look at your business throughout the year and see what you can do to make it more tax efficient. And whist you’re at it remember that the deadline for self-assessment falls on the 31st too!

Take up cloud technology

If you haven’t already 2015 ought to be the year you embrace cloud technology, as it could it help you cut significant costs whilst also increasing efficiency.

Consider shifting your day-to-day admin to the likes of services like Google Drive, and perhaps put your files in an online storage provider like Dropbox. This way you’ll cut down on IT costs and you should be able to work more flexibly.

Aim for inbox zero

Upon returning from my Christmas holidays I had around 500 emails to wade through. This took me the best part of a morning and it’s time that could have been better used.

Learn from my mistakes here and improve your email management in 2015. Follow our collection of tips to make inbox zero a reality, and create a streamlined inbox that’ll spare you staring at screens constantly.

Got any resolutions of your own for 2015? Let us know below in the comments!

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