A frosty fundraiser

We took some time out to visit the arctic back in December. Find out why…

Arctic expedition

At Simply Business we’re proud and committed fundraisers. Bike rides, cake bakes, 400ft abseils – all have tested our mettle in different ways (especially that cake bake, the amount we consumed couldn’t have been healthy – Ed). At the tail end of last year though we wanted an extra big challenge to cap off a fantastic 2014 of fundraising, so we put our heads together and tried to come up with something extra tricky. With a target of raising £15,000 for Kids Company nothing was deemed too crazy…

Arctic inspiration

There’s few places in the world as challenging as the arctic, so we committed to getting a team together to take part in an Arctic Biathlon. The best squad we could muster was a mixture of forty-somethings all from our management team, but what they lacked in the fitness they made up for in character!

The biathlon begins

Our team arrived on edges of Sweden back in early December, their reception the bitter cold wind of an arctic winter. They’d anticipated the old (and packed their thermals), but nothing could have prepared them for this and the challenges it would bring…

(Woof! WOOF! WOOF!)

After hours of battling through the snow on their way to Kiruna, a pack of hounds greeted our team outside a wooden lodge. Thankfully it wasn’t lunch they were baying for, but to relieve them of their heavy baggage, and to transport them to a new destination – their own lodge deeper into the forests.

Getting down to business

After a night of no sleep, no heating, water or electricity our team “awoke” to a long day of challenges.

First, an orienteering race darting amongst the trees through heavy Swedish snow. Then, a chance to put their dog sledding skills to the test with a race around the many frozen lakes in the region, followed by some fishing - in which the team only caught ice cubes. And finally, to end the day, a frantic crash course in fire lighting as day turned into night.

Later that evening the sky shone brightly with the Northern lights – a stunning end to a productive trip that raised a fair bit for charity.

Over 18k raised for Kids Company

Over 90 thousand pounds was raised in total with a number of teams taking part. Our fundraising contribution topped a whopping £18k and the entirety will go to Kids Company. An amazing result we’ll be returning this year, with an extra team in tow!

Arctic team