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Knowledge: 2014

5 September 20143-minute read

7 ways to use the cloud for your business

Cloud computing is one of the most important technological changes enjoyed by businesses in many years. The cloud allows businesses to work…

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14 August 20141-minute read

Council shuts down "rip-off" letting agents

A London council has closed four letting agents following a crackdown intended to “stop tenants being exploited.” Newham Council has visited…

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13 August 20141-minute read

Businesses 'could claim back £2.1bn in business rates'

Businesses may be entitled to claim back some £2.1 billion in overcharged business rates. This is according to The Independent, which…

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11 August 20143-minute read

Build up your cash reserve in 5 easy steps

Building a cash reserve is vital for the financial security of your business – but many small firms have no reserves at all. New research…

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7 August 20141-minute read

UK 'should not be afraid of leaving Europe' - Boris Johnson

The UK should not be afraid of a future outside Europe, according to Boris Johnson. The Mayor of London said that the country should not shy…

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6 August 20143-minute read

How to rebuild after business bankruptcy

Corporate insolvency, or ‘business bankruptcy’ as it is colloquially referred to, can be an enormously challenging process – but what…

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31 July 20142-minute read

Is the UK's economic 'recovery' really sustainable?

Last week the IMF announced that it expected the UK economy to grow by 3.2 per cent this year This is one of the strongest growth rates of…

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28 July 20143-minute read

Could a credit register revolutionise small business lending?

Norman Carson of Boost Capital believes that a credit register could ease access to cash. Small firms are blighted by a lack of finance. But…

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28 July 20142-minute read

Five steps to attracting the best talent

Small businesses face fierce competition in attracting the best talent, so how can they develop an edge? Cast an eye over the website of any…

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8 July 20141-minute read

Mortgage repayments 'set to double'

Mortgage borrowers will see their repayments double thanks to the Bank of England’s interest rate plans. This is according to new research…

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