Could Codebar help you into the tech industry?

We opened our doors to Codebar to help the quest for tech equality.

Unfortunately, the tech industry isn’t famed for its diversity. Women, the LGBT community and ethnic minorities make up a minor fraction of many companies, with representation across these groups pretty poor across the board.

Barriers to entry clearly remain but at Simply Business we’re keen to help tackle them, so last week we invited the Codebar initiative into our London HQ….

What is the Codebar initiative?

Codebar offer free weekly coding workshops and other programming related events, aimed at those that find themselves underrepresented in the tech community.

They’re keen to get people excited about programming and bridge the diversity gap in the process, with the initiative driven by a team of experienced developers. Since these developers are all volunteers, they help ensure that every session is free.

What can Codebar teach?

Sessions are driven by whatever students are eager to learn - our session at Simply Business primarily focused on HTML, CSS and Ruby. None of these terms make any sense? Don’t worry. Codebar sessions are built for beginners right through to the more proficient. Their site is filled with tutorials too, to get you to grips with coding.

The aim is to have one coach for every two students, with students that want to work on the same tutorial paired up together. It’s therefore an excellent way to grab some hands-on coding experience. At Simply Business last week we had Michal, Alessandro, Tomasz, Trisha, Dawid and Sebastian all sharing their expertise.

Where can you find a session?

Currently Codebar sessions are confined to London, Cambridge and Brighton, however there’s no reason they need to be – as long as there’s developers and businesses willing to teach they can happen anywhere.

If you live outside these areas and you’re a seasoned developer or tech company keen to share your expertise, all you’ll need to do is contact Codebar at [email protected] and they can help you set up a session in your local community.

If you’re keen to get involved either as a student or a coach keep an eye on the events section of the Codebar website. Both aspiring students and coaches can sign up via there to receive invitations as and when sessions happen. Bear in mind that you’ll need to fit Codebar’s eligibility criteria if you sign up as a student.

Proud to play our part

Accessible coding education is vital if we’re to make the tech industry more diverse, and we were proud to get involved in initiative that’s going some way to bridge the gap. We’ll be hosting a session again at the end of November, our developers offering out their expertise (and plenty of free pizza and snacks). Keep an eye on @TechSB for updates, and visit the Codebar website for more info!

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