Hungry tech giants: who's acquired who?

2013 was a busy year for tech acquisitions. But how has the landscape changed over the last 15 years?

To see all of the acqusitions in detail, skip straight to our interactive microsite. We’ve also laid out the essentials below.

With competition in the tech space heating up, Apple, Amazon, Google, Yahoo, and Facebook collectively executed 65 acquisitions in 2013 alone.

Yahoo was the biggest acquirer of 2013, buying a total of 25 companies following the hiring of its new CEO, Marissa Meyer.

Although Meyer is best known for her acquisition of Tumblr, the majority of her deals have bought engineering talent in an effort to build Yahoo as a serious challenger to Google.

Apple also had their biggest ever year for acquisitions in 2013, with ten purchases in total.

To see all of the acqusitions in detail, please visit our interactive microsite.

Biggest acquirer of 2013

Top tech dealmakers this millenium - Google came out as the top dealmaker of the millenium, with 143 acquisitions since 2000 - almost 50 more deals than any other company.

Facebook acquisition surge around their IPO - Facebook have also been on a spending spree. Having acquired virtually no companies until 2010, before and after their IPO they've been building steadily. The social giant has purchased 35 companies in the last four years, with their choices primarily driven by a hunt for top tech talent.

Apple ramp up under Tim Cook - Under Steve Jobs, Apple were historically quiet on the acquisition front. Jobs famously referred to acquisitions as “a failure to innovate”, but under Tim Cook acquisitions have started to increase. Apple had their biggest ever M&A year in 2013, with 10 acquisitions.

Amazon slow and steady - Amazon have continued their slow and steady acquisition strategy of companies, averaging three acquisitions a year for the last five years.

Tech companies’ biggest deals (disclosed, last 15 years)

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