Guide to Google Plus for Small Business

Do you promote your business using Google Plus? If not, you are loosing out on free and effective possibilities to market your company. Start building your G+ presence today with our interactive step-by-step guide!

Google Plus offers businesses lots of free marketing opportunities to connect with existing and potential customers. You can create circles of people or companies related to your business or industry and share relevant resources with them.

You can organize a video hangout to share your knowledge and you can participate in a community for people in your field of expertise. Or, you can just grow your online influence (and consequently improve rankings of your pages in Google) by creating and sharing quality content with others.

Therefore, Google Plus is worth considering as one of the tools to market your business. In order to help you get started and learn many of the features of this social networking platform, we have developed an easy to follow guide. Click on the link below to go the interactive microsite full of links to valuable resources.

Guide to Google Plus for Business

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