Great apps for landlords - a roundup

2012 looks set to be an exciting year for landlords.

Demand for rental property is continuing to rise, and this has created unusually positive conditions for many landlords.

But finding, letting, and managing a property is still tricky. Thankfully, technology is here to help you ease the burden. Check out these handy mobile apps, designed to make your life easier.

The Landlord App

The Landlord App is an attempt, as the name would suggest, to create a one-stop app to help you complete all the tasks associated with managing your property.

The app is primarily designed for landlords in the US, but many of its features are relevant anywhere in the world. It allows you to enter and store tenant details, keep track of rent payments, and schedule utility bills. It also provides a handy overview of your financial ‘vital statistics’, enabling you to keep track of your properties’ performance.

$9.99, iPhone or Android


The Legal4Landlords app aims to provide landlords with information about prospective tenants. It is essentially the front end for a database of tenants (around 4,000 on launch), which landlords can peruse in order to find what Legal4Landlords euphemistically refers to as previous “misdemeanours”.

Free, iPhone only


As a landlord it is imperative that you keep up with market movements, and that you understand what is going on in your area. The Rightmove app is a pretty good way to do this. Designed for prospective tenants, it allows you to search a database of more than a million properties. Using your phone’s GPS it will show you nearby properties, giving you access to vital pricing information.

Free, iPhone and desktop.

Inventory Pro

Inventory Pro is a fantastic way of completing the important task of inventory creation. A comprehensive inventory and condition report is a vital tool for any landlord, and Inventory Pro makes it easy to create these documents.

While the app is free, Inventory Pro will charge you £4.99 per PDF report created.

Free, iPhone only.

Property Inspector

If you would rather not pay for each inventory, Property Inspector could well be a good choice. The app is very feature-rich – as reflected by its relatively high upfront cost. It provides you with a simple interface through which to create inventories and condition reports. Handily, it also integrates use of your iPhone camera, allowing you to save photos directly to your inventories.

$29.99, iPhone only


AroundMe is already a very popular consumer iPhone app, providing comprehensive information about amenities and attractions in your local area. It might not seem like the most obvious choice for landlords, but it can prove vitally useful when expanding your portfolio. By finding out exactly what is near a property in which you are interested, you can help to determine whether or not it is a right fit for your portfolio.

Free, iPhone and Android

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