Free HTML5 Wordpress themes for business - a roundup

HTML5 is one of the biggest changes in web development for many years.

Once it is properly adopted and supported by the major browsers, the new iteration of HTML will open up a vast range of new options for web designers and developers.

Meanwhile, Wordpress continues to be the platform of choice for small businesses looking to build a scalable, easily maintainable website. Wordpress now powers almost 15 per cent of the world’s websites – and the platform is gradually embracing HTML5.

If you are searching for an HTML5-friendly theme for Wordpress, look no further. Here we have compiled five of the best free HTML5 Wordpress themes for business.


This Yoko isn’t going to split up the Beatles. Instead, it’s a clean, flexible Wordpress theme that is designed to adapt to a variety of screen sizes – including those on mobile devices. It places category links in a prominent position, making it particularly useful for sites with a large amount of content.


Roots is described as a ‘starting Wordpress theme’. It is not designed for those who want an out of the box solution. Instead, it is aimed at designers who want to harness the power of both HMTL5 and Wordpress, providing them with a framework on which to build clean sites easily. If you have some design experience, Roots might be for you.


Platform is another framework theme. It boasts drag-and-drop capabilities, allowing you to quickly design and build sites that would otherwise require significant amounts of coding. Platform looks like a standard blog out of the box, but can be quickly adapted into a fully fledged business site.


Spectacular provides an attractive, blog-based theme with important added features like a featured post box and a space in the header to introduce your company. It also provides a contact form as standard, ready skinned to suit the theme. Courtesy of Smashing Magazine.


Travel is a clean, typographically-focused theme originally designed as a travel blog, but easily adaptable for business use. It offers a simple, eye-catching image slider on the home page, as well as a ready-designed portfolio section. It also makes use of handy shortcodes that allow you to place common elements in pages very quickly.

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