Free commercial fonts - 5 great resources

Bored of using the same, dull fonts that come as standard with your operating system?

The chances are, your users are bored of them too! Typography is one of the most important ways in which you can pique a viewer’s interest in your website or other marketing materials – and yet many businesses ignore it, often because they presume that good fonts are too expensive.

But, while it is perfectly possible to spend hundreds of pounds on fonts, there is a wealth of high quality free alternatives available on the web. If you are looking for great free fonts, try some of the following resources.

1. The League of Moveable Type

A beautifully designed, straightforward site, The League of Moveable Type is dedicated to free, open source fonts. There are relatively few fonts on offer so far, but the site is growing all the time. Best of all, the fonts are ready for @font-face – meaning that you can use them on your website easily.

2. Font Squirrel

Font Squirrel boasts almost 700 font families, all of which are free for commercial use. You can search by popularity or by style, and you can also generate your own @font-face kits within the website.

3. DaFont

It might not look as pretty as its competitors, but DaFont still has a gret collection of fonts – many of which you won’t find anywhere else. Be careful, though, as not all of the fonts here are cleared for commercial use.

4. FontStock

FontStock specialises in free TrueType fonts. The site also gives you the opportunity to test the fonts inline, rather than having to download them to your computer first. Again, make sure you read the licence, as they do not all permit commercial use.

5. MyFonts

MyFonts claims to be the world’s largest collection of fonts and, while we can’t vouch for the accuracy of that claim, there is certainly a lot there! Not all of the fonts here are free, but the site allows you to search by licence in order to find what you need.

Make sure you check the licence before using any font in a commercial project.

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