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22 July 20094-minute read

How to write a cash flow forecast

Cash flow is absolutely vital for the survival of a business. Many successful entrepreneurs will state that "cash is king"; without cash…

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15 July 20092-minute read

How going the extra mile for your customers works

Your business is nothing without your customers. You know that, but sometimes it's easy to forget. It's easy to get caught up in the day to…

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26 June 20095-minute read

Debt collection for small businesses

Debt collection has rarely been as important for small businesses as it is today. As an increasing number of customers and clients default…

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15 June 20093-minute read

Energy Performance Certificate - compulsory for residential landlords

Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) form an important part of the government's controversial Home Information Packs (HIPs). They are part…

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10 March 20095-minute read

Getting government help during the recession

The current downturn is making life very difficult for small businesses across the country. Corporate insolvencies are constantly rising and…

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4 March 20094-minute read

What is a serviced office and how can it help you keep costs down?

Serviced offices can be a great way to get a space of your own in a way that's convenient and affordable. And, luckily, the range and…

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4 March 20094-minute read

How to choose a legal structure for your business

The legal structure of your business will have a profound effect on the financial and legal realities of its day-to-day maintenance and…

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17 February 20094-minute read

Starting a business in the UK as a foreign national

Updated February 2019 The UK has, in the past, been an attractive place to start a business if you're a foreign national. A series of…

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29 May 20082-minute read

How to claim on your Public Liability Insurance: a simple guide

Updated for 2018 All small businesses should be aware of the risks that their business activities present to customers and to the general…

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18 February 20084-minute read

A guide to insurance responsibilities for pub owners and tenants

Last reviewed January 2018 The glass-topped tables in the pub looked very attractive, but they were not designed to be sat on the way you…

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