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Insurance for the best names in business

Insurance as unique as your business

At Simply Business, we know that one-size-fits-all insurance just won’t cut it for the thousands of small businesses across the UK. From dog walkers to plumbers to consultants, your businesses are all unique, and you need your insurance to be too.

We’re different, and we’re proud to support British small businesses that are different too. That’s why we’re celebrating some of the best names in business – and when we say the best names, we really mean it.

Whether you need your hair cutting, your bathroom tiling, your flowers arranging, your furniture moving, or your car sparkling, our campaign stars do it all – and with names that will make you smile.

Watch the video below to find out just how clever and creative our customers can be – then read the full stories of the ones you like best.

Celebrating individuality

Ah Britain. Where else would you find, Barber Streisand, Bonny Tiler, Floral and Hardy, He-Van, and Spandau Valet?

At Simply Business, we not only insure small businesses, we celebrate them too. How could we not, with names like these?

Check out our video, then read their full stories below. Who do you think should win Gold, and who deserves a Total Eclipse of the Heart?

Spandau Valet

From the far West of Cornwall, Spandau Valet believe in ‘releasing the inner and outer beauty of your vehicle’, from cars to boats to caravans. Think they should win Gold? Read their full story by following the link below.

Read Spandau Valet’s story.


Movers of the universe, He-Van are a fun team with high standards who offer removals, storage, and packing services to customers in the Brighton and Hove area. Spite Skeletor and discover their full story using the link below.

Read He-Van’s story.

Floral and Hardy

Got yourself into another fine mess with your comedy partner? An apology bouquet from Barnet-based Floral and Hardy will soon have everything under control. Follow the link below to find out more.

Read Floral and Hardy’s story.

Barber Streisand

London-based Barber Streisand are an offbeat unisex barbershop who offer an ‘invigorating alternative’ to the norm. Don’t want to rain on their parade? Find out more using the link below.

Read Barber Streisand’s story.

Bonny Tiler

Bathrooms, wetrooms and tiling – Welsh firm Bonny Tiler say they have a ‘fun name for a company serious about making you smile’. Are they the hero you’ve been holding out for? Find out more using the link below.

Read Bonny Tiler’s story.