Feeling burnt out?

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Are the self-employed heading towards burnout?

Small business owners – you’re the backbone of Britain, accounting for 99 per cent of all UK business, and contributing a combined £2tn in annual turnover. But are you risking burnout?

Our survey recently revealed just how tricky self-employed people found it to go on holiday. Almost one in 10 haven’t taken a break in five years.

And the number one factor? Cash. 62% say money worries stop them from taking time away, with many saying a holiday can cost them thousands in lost work.

So we had an idea. What if we could take that problem away, and give one lucky business owner the break they deserved?

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Win £1,000 worth of holiday vouchers

Cashflow, tax returns, chasing unpaid invoices. The list goes on. Being a small business owner is rewarding, but it’s no walk in the park. And who brings in the money when you do decide to take a well-earned break?

We’re hoping to take a bit of the hassle out of a holiday, by giving one self-employed person £1,000 worth of TUI vouchers.

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When was your last holiday?

In 2018, UK residents took an average of 1.6 holidays abroad, but our survey of small business owners suggests this could be a lot lower in the self-employed community. Almost one in 10 (9 per cent) of the small business owners in our survey said that they haven’t had a break for five years.

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For love nor money

A staggering 62 per cent of small business owners say that financial worries stop them from taking breaks from their business.

Perhas even more worryingly, one in three of their relatives believe they put work before family – with one in five even saying their dedication to work has caused family arguments on holiday.

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Lost earnings are a factor

Unlike people in employment, there’s no such thing as holiday pay when you’re self-employed. One in three (35 per cent) small business owners say holidays can cost them in excess of £2,500 in lost earnings, while one in 10 (8 per cent) lose over £5,000 – it’s easy to understand the temptation to give holidays a miss.

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No rest for the self-employed

Even when small business owners do make it away, it’s not all sunbathing and cocktails. 61 per cent still check work emails when on holiday, while more than half will schedule work in for when they get home.

One in five say they’re unable to go on holiday as they don’t have any employees, and even for those that do, one in 10 still worry about how effective their employees will be while they’re away.

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