Meet Lindsey Hughes

Hairdresser and star of our campaign.

Styling Britain’s future

We insure the businesses who are building Britain – the photographers, the beauty therapists and the hairdressers like Lindsey. And we wanted to tell their story.

That’s why in 2015 we decided to launch a campaign that turned the spotlight on our customers. Real people, running real businesses.

Lindsey’s doing more than cutting people’s hair. She’s creating, confidence-boosting and celebrating curls. She’s also running a business – something which requires acumen on top of bundles of talent. Lindsey’s embracing the natural and styling Britain’s future. And that’s why we’re showing her off as our star of Birmingham.

Our Birmingham star

Birmingham hairdresser Lindsey’s business is as unique as the hair she cuts – and that’s the way it should be. With 25 years of hairdressing experience, she’s all about embracing natural curls and boosting confidence. Lindsey’s styling Britain’s future, and we’re proud to insure her. Watch our behind-the-scenes video of her day on set.

Starring in our campaign

Always thought you’d look great on a billboard? Got the perfect pitch for radio? We featured customers like Lindsey in this year’s campaign for all this and more, but mostly because we’re proud of who they are – real people, running real businesses. After all, it’s our customers that make us, ‘us’. Fancy getting involved with our next campaign? Look out for information and drop us a tweet in the meantime!

Insurance just like Lindsey’s

And when it comes to insurance? Lindsey thinks it’s essential. She says … “Public liability is so important to both me and my clients as it gives us peace of mind in case of accidents.

“I chose Simply Business for their forward-thinking client contact – they always keep in touch and make me feel important.”

Get hairdressers’ insurance like Lindsey’s.