Meet Jo Gendle

Wedding videographer and star of our campaign

Capturing the imagination

We insure the businesses who are building Britain – the photographers, the cake makers and the wedding videographers like Jo. And we wanted to tell the world more about what they do.

That’s why in 2015 we decided to launch a campaign that turned the spotlight on our customers. Real people, running real businesses.

Not only is Jo capturing newlyweds’ special moments, she’s capturing the imagination and boosting the British economy. We thought it was about time we readjusted the focus, so we gave Jo a call and asked how she’d feel about representing us across Manchester.

Putting Jo in front of the camera

Manchester wedding videographer Jo is creative, ambitious and unafraid of trying new things, so setting up her own business came pretty naturally. And like a duck to water on our photoshoot, Jo’s capturing the imagination while representing our northern economy. We’re very proud to insure Jo – check out her day on set in our quick video.

Starring in our campaign

Have you got a gift in front of the camera? How about vocals perfect for radio? We featured customers like Jo in this year’s campaign for all this and more, but mostly because we’re proud of who they are – real people, running real businesses. After all, it’s our customers that make us, ‘us’.

Interested in getting involved in our next campaign? Look out for details of how you can get involved or drop us a line in the meantime!

Insurance just like Jo’s

And what about insurance? Jo says … “I chose Simply Business to insure my company because they have a no-nonsense approach to business insurance – friendly, informative and you know exactly where you are.

“Simply Business give me confidence and peace of mind when taking my business forward. I’m happy in the knowledge that every eventuality is covered and my business can just get on with growing.”

Get videographers’ insurance like Jo’s.