Meet Gerry Simpson

Plumbing and heating engineer, and campaign star

Connecting the economy

We insure the businesses who are building Britain – the cleaners, the electricians and the heating, ventilation and plumbing contractors like Gerry. And we wanted to celebrate their contribution, to an economy we all rely on.

That’s why in 2015 we decided to launch a campaign that turned the spotlight on our customers. Real people, running real businesses.

Be it fitting boilers, unblocking drains or fixing leaks, helping people out is Gerry’s thing. We think that’s worth celebrating, so we asked Gerry how he’d feel about appearing on a few billboards across Sheffield. And the rest is history – a star was truly born.

Our Sheffield star

Sheffield plumbing and heating engineer Gerry likes being his own boss, and more importantly, likes helping people out. And it’s a good job as well – as a plumbing and heating engineer Gerry’s seen his share of burst pipes, broken boilers and households in distress!

Gerry’s connecting the economy pipe by pipe, and we’re proud to insure him. Find out more about his day on set in our quick video.

Starring in our campaign

Would your work and personality shine through on a digital billboard? Got a startup story made for radio? We featured customers like Gerry in this year’s campaign for all this and more, but mostly because we’re proud of who they are – real people, running real businesses. After all, it’s our customers that make us, ‘us’.

Looking to get involved in our next campaign? Keep your eyes peeled for details or why not tweet us in the meantime!

Insurance like Gerry’s

Insurance is all about peace of mind – just ask our man Gerry. He says … “Having business insurance gives me the reassurance that – should the need arise – I’m covered for all eventualities.

“I choose Simply Business as they give great customer service and actually listen to me. And, importantly, they’re cost effective.”

Get plumbers’ insurance like Gerry’s.