Meet Derek & Karl

Carpenters and stars of our campaign

Fixing Britain’s future

We insure the businesses who are building Britain – the builders, the handymen and the carpenters like Derek & Karl. And we wanted to tell their tales.

That’s why in 2015 we decided to launch a campaign that turned the spotlight on our customers. Real people, running real businesses.

Derek & Karl’s business is growing and their skills are expanding. What has stayed the same, however – from their days of sub-contracting, right through to growing their own business – is that they’re making, mending and improving things as a team. They’re fixing Britain’s future, and that’s why we featured them on billboards right across Birmingham.

Our Birmingham duo

Birmingham carpenters Derek & Karl are more than business partners – they’re best mates. They’ve helped each other go from sub-contracting to owning their own firm. They’ve got big plans for their future, but it’s not just their own fortunes they’re taking care of. Derek & Karl are fixing Britain’s future, and we’re proud to insure them. Check out our quick behind-the-scenes video of their day on set.

Starring in our campaign

How would you sound on national radio? Or perhaps starring on billboards around your home city is more your thing? We featured customers like Derek & Karl in this year’s campaign for their great personalities, but mostly because we’re proud of who they are – real people, running real businesses. After all, it’s our customers that make us, ‘us’.

Want to join in our next campaign? Look out for details and drop us a friendly message in the meantime if you’re keen!

Insurance just like Derek & Karl’s

And why is insurance important? Derek & Karl say: “With everything we do, we like to make it the best of the best – and that’s why it was important to find good business insurance people, to ensure we’re protected no matter what job we’re on.

“That’s exactly what we found in Simply Business, and that’s why we stick with them.”

Get carpenters’ insurance like Derek & Karl’s.