Meet Andy Child

Educational consultant and star of our campaign

Improving Britain’s prospects

We insure the businesses who are building Britain – the accountants, the project managers and the educational consultants like Andy. And we wanted to tell their stories.

That’s why in 2015 we decided to launch a campaign that turned the spotlight on our customers. Real people, running real businesses.

Andy’s shaping people’s futures and improving Britain’s prospects. Not only is Andy a professional, experienced consultant, he’s passionate about improving the next generation. It’s important work, and we were delighted when Andy agreed to go up in lights as part of our campaign.

Our man in Sheffield

Sheffield educational consultant Andy isn’t afraid of shifting gears. Afterall, he made the move into self-employed consultancy because he’s passionate about the next generation, with tons of ideas for helping them succeed. Andy’s improving Britain’s prospects, and we’re proud to insure him.

Find out about his day on camera in our quick video.

Starring in our campaign

Always fancied yourself a natural on camera? Got an epic baritone for radio? We featured customers like Andy in this year’s campaign for all this and more, but mostly because we’re proud of who they are  –  real people, running real businesses. After all, it’s our customers that make us, ‘us’.

Want to get involved in our next campaign? Look out for details and drop us a line in the meantime if you’re keen!

Insurance just like Andy’s

And when it comes to insurance? Andy says … “Business insurance is important because it helps me reduce risks and stay protected against legal liabilities.

“I use Simply Business because they provide a cost-effective, efficient way to get the business insurance I need.”

Get consultants’ insurance like Andy’s.