Building Britain

From the economy to our campaigns, it's all built by small businesses like yours

Insurance gets creative

Over the years, we’ve tried lots of different sorts of advertising. But time and again, we find the best campaigns feature the people who make us, ‘us’. And that’s our customers – real people, running real businesses.

So we called up a very special group of customers (hi Steve, Jo, Gerry, Andy, Lindsey and Derek & Karl!), invited them to a photoshoot, and asked them lots of questions about their business. And just recently, we’ve created great big billboards featuring each of them, everywhere from the London M4 to Manchester.

Small businesses – the builders, the hairdressers and the bookkeepers – are building Britain, and we’re proud to insure them. Click below to hear their story, and why they insure with us.

One billboard at a time

Our customers are more than small business owners, they’re the engine room of the British economy. People like Steve, Jo, Gerry, Andy, Lindsey and Derek & Karl are building Britain on behalf of all of us. They’re unblocking drains, cutting hair, improving people’s futures and so much more. And we’re proud to insure them. Find out about their photoshoots in our quick video.

Andy Child

Andy’s shaping futures and improving Britain’s prospects. Not only is Andy a professional, experienced consultant, he’s passionate about improving the next generation. And that’s why we asked him to represent us in Sheffield.

Andy’s story

Derek & Karl

Derek & Karl’s business is growing and their skills are expanding. What has stayed the same, however – from their days of sub-contracting, right through to growing their own business – is that they’re making, mending and improving things as a team. They’re fixing Britain’s future, and that’s why we featured them on billboards right across Birmingham.

Derek & Karl’s story

Gerry Simpson

Be it fitting boilers, unblocking drains or fixing leaks, helping people out is Gerry’s thing. We think that’s worth celebrating, so we asked Gerry how he’d feel about appearing on a few billboards across Sheffield. And the rest is history – a star was truly born.

Gerry’s story

Jo Gendle

Not only is Jo capturing newlyweds’ special moments, she’s capturing the imagination and boosting the British economy. We thought it was about time we readjusted the focus, so we gave Jo a call and asked how she’d feel about representing us across Manchester.

Jo’s story

Lindsey Hughes

Lindsey’s doing more than cutting people’s hair. She’s creating, confidence-boosting and celebrating curls. She’s also running a business – something which requires accumen on top of bundles of talent. Lindsey’s embracing the natural and styling Britain’s future. And that’s why we’re showing her off as our star of Birmingham.

Lindsey’s story

Stephen Morrison

Tradesmen like Steve are painting a brighter future for the British economy. Experienced but no less enthusiastic about his craft, Steve’s more than a business owner. He’s someone the people of Manchester – and the rest of the UK – can rely on to put pretty much everything into his work, if not the kitchen sink.

Steve’s story