Wellness-aware Brits drive up diet specialists by 272 per cent

  • 272% rise in new independent nutritionists and dieticians over the past 5 years
  • Startup gym numbers also grow by 59% while fitness instructors and personal trainers see a steady increase (24%)
  • London and Leeds revealed as UK’s top health profession cities while Bradford and Glasgow’s fitness falls

Britain’s fixation with wellness has soared as a new generation of Instagram obsessives and celebrity health and wellness influencers has sparked a meteoric rise in new independent nutritionists and dieticians over the past five years.

According to Simply Business, the increase in accessible content on eating and exercise has gone hand in hand with rising courgetti consumption and CrossFit classes.

The UK’s largest business insurance broker has monitored the rise and fall of independent health and fitness-related specialists since 2010. Today it reveals an impressive 272% upturn in startup nutritionists and dieticians as the nation has become hungrier to understand more about healthy living.

Further evidenced by the sale of avocados reaching a record high of £128m this year and a surge in popularity for ‘juicing’, the recent quinoa and kale consciousness has created an opportunity for savvy small business owners.

Simply Business also witnessed gyms muscling in on the opportunity with a 59% growth in startup quotes, alongside a 24% increase in set-up for fitness instructors and personal trainers between 2010 and 2015. In May, the Leisure Database Company also reported a record high of over nine million health club memberships in the UK supporting Simply Business’ findings that the UK has become more health-aware than ever before.

However, analysis of the UK’s 10 largest cities discovered regional disparities in the appetite for health and fitness experts. London holds the most demand, experiencing an 89% increase in new independent health and fitness companies over five years, followed by Leeds (57%). Meanwhile Bradford (-7%) and Glasgow (-2%) are the only two cities where demand for health and fitness businesses fell.

Top 10 largest cities in UK Increase in new health & fitness businesses
London 89%
Leeds 57%
Edinburgh 48%
Liverpool 44%
Manchester 40%
Bristol 37%
Birmingham 28%
Sheffield 27%
Glasgow -2%
Bradford -7%

Jason Stockwood, CEO of Simply Business, commented:

“A seasonal interest in better eating and exercise around the summer holidays has been replaced by a heightened sense of wellness all year round. This is a welcome trend for our nation in more ways than one. Consumers are taking better care of themselves, and small businesses and sole traders are using their entrepreneurial nous to tap into this newfound phenomenon and get our economy in better shape.

“Health centres and fitness advice is no longer limited to large chains. Small independent businesses are providing more local and flexible services to meet the rising demands of a more health-conscious UK.”


Notes to Editors:

Figures are based on analysis of insurance data from 31,171 independent health and fitness outlets processed by Simply Business between 2010-2015.

Case studies and interviews with Jason Stockwood, CEO of Simply Business are available upon request.

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