How to renew your insurance policy

Newer policies

If you bought your business policy on or after 1 February, 2014 or a landlord policy on or after 19 December, 2013 please call us on 0845 071 0270 or send an email to to renew your insurance cover with us.

Older policies

If you bought a business policy with us before February 2014 or a landlord policy before 19 December, 2013 please follow the steps below to renew your policy online.

Renewing your policy before it expires

  • Sign in to your secure online account
  • Click the Manage your Policies button on the main account screen
  • Policies that are due for renewal are highlighted under Status in the handy table
  • Choose the renew option from the list and click Go
  • You'll be taken through your original quote form, letting you update details where necessary. 
  • Please read the questions carefully. That'll help us get you the right quotes at the end.

When you click submit, a new set of quotes will be available to compare. Just choose the quote you'd like to buy and follow the purchase process.

Please note, if you don't renew through the process above, and instead and start a brand new quote form, you may continue to receive reminder communications up until your policy expiry date.

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