Beat the recession with great tips and advice from Simply Business customers

  • By Jasper Martens
  • 1 May 2012
Succesful entrepreneurs - beat the recession

Simply Business customers explain how they have been succesful during this recession. Every month we visit a different customer with a different profession.

How to start an underground restaurant - Kerstin Rodgers

Blending the most piquant elements of dinner parties and restaurants, supper clubs are a pop-up restaurant concept becoming increasingly popular in the capital and beyond. If you are planning to open your doors and start your own underground restaurant, you'll soon discover that a lot of work and a whole load of business considerations come with a home catering business. Simply Business spoke to Kerstin Rodgers, owner of an underground restaurant and fanatic blogger in the underground restaurant community.

How to start a green energy consultancy business - Paula Owen consulting

Paula Owen runs an environmental consultancy, helping businesses of every size with their carbon challenges. In this interview Paula Owen shares realities of starting and running a green energy consultancy business

How to start a theatre company? Be a successful entrepreneur during recession

Running a business is hard work. The day-to-day realities of self-employment can be harsh, particularly in such an unpredictable economic climate.
But that doesn't mean work can't be fun. In fact, Simply Smiley founder Shannon McNab has taken her sense of humour and her passion for performance, and built a thriving business around them.

How to start a hair salon - Blue Tit - Hair salon in trendy Dalston Junction

Blue Tit is an exciting new hair salon situated in the heart of London’s fashionable Dalston, Blue Tit has a staff that splits its time between the salon and the catwalk. In this exclusive video co-founder Andreas Hinteregger explained the realities of setting up a business in the service sector - from meeting his business partner to kitting out his premises.

How to start a consultancy business - Link Humans - Social media training and consulting company

Finding the perfect candidate to recruit into your business can be tricky. Link Humans' Jorgen Sundberg explains how technology can help.

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