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Starting a business in the UK is a challenge. You will need to choose a legal structure, develop your product, find customers, and keep accounts - and that's just for starters. These tips and guides are here to help you start and grow your business effectively.

Running a business in spare time

Running a business in your spare time - 5 top tips

The number of people in so-called 'precarious employment' is rising - and many Britons are setting up businesses in response.

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Britain's best small business stories

Fuzzacker founder Steve Adams spoke to us about the ethos behind his small business, what he enjoys most about working as a walking guide, and his future plans for the company.

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  • Queen on note

    Start-up on a shoestring
    By Andy Yates | 14 February 2012

    Entrepreneur Andy Yates explains how to set be your own boss on a tight budget. The good news is it is a lot cheaper to start a business than you think.

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  • Computer keyboard

    Redundancy to self-employment - top tips
    By Josh Hall | 12 December 2011

    While redundancy is hardly ever welcomed, it can an opportunity. Here are some top tips to consider if you are thinking about joining the ranks of the self-employed.

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