Publicans march on Westminster

  • By Josh Hall
  • 12 December 2012
Publicans march on Westminster

Hundreds of publicans are marching on Westminster today in protest against increases to alcohol duty.

The Campaign For Real Ale has called on its members to rally in the capital to raise awareness of the plight of the British pub.

According to Camra pubs have lost some 3 million customers over the last four years as a result of tax rises.

Tax on beer rises by two per cent above inflation every year, thanks to the so-called duty escalator. Duty has risen by some 40 per cent since 2008 – an increase that Camra says has contributed to the closure of 5,800 pubs.

“On average, you now pay over £1 in beer duty and VAT for every single pint you buy in the pub,” a Camra spokesperson said. “The UK now has the second highest duty on beer in the European Union. Unless we can change government plans UK beer duty will soon be the highest in Europe.”

Camra’s lobbying event begins at 11am at the Emmanuel Centre, Westminster.

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