Recent thefts around Essex are a cause for concern.

  • By David Buxton
  • 31 October 2012

Tradespeople working in and around Essex are being warned to take extra precautions following a series of thefts from vans. 

 Tradesmen in and around Essex have reported a rise in thefts from Ford Transits and Ford Fiestas, with no sign of force being used by the thieves. Cover may not be provided without signs of the vehicle having been broken into. It has been suggested that thieves may be using a device that overrides the vehicles’ central locking system, granting them access without the need to use force. Transits are particularly at risk given their high preponderance amongst tradespeople. It is thought that Fiestas are also being targeted because of a shared central locking system.

Simply Business is investigating these developments, and is working with policyholders to find a resolution to existing claims. In the meantime, we encourage all tradespeople in the Essex area to empty their vehicles overnight and to take extra precautions to minimise risk, for example by parking in secure garages where possible.

If you are in any doubt, please contact your insurer directly.