Website marketing guide
for small businesses and start-ups

Website analysis

Once you have your website up and running and have visitors to your site it is really useful to know how many people are visiting your site and what they do when they get there.

Google offers a free tool for website analysis called Google Analytics. Google Analytics is great for beginner website owners who just want a small amount of analysis as well as large companies looking to go in depth with their data.

What useful information can website analytics give you?

Analytics can give you information on different aspects of user behaviour the most useful for small business websites are:

Site Visits - The number of visitors to your site

Page views - The number of pages viewed by someone when they visit your site

Average Page Views - the average number of pages viewed on your site, this is a good indication of how users interact with your site

Bounce Rate - the percentage of single page visits which is where a visitor leaves from the same page they entered the site

Time on site - the time a user spends on your site

The percentage of new visitors - you can compare the number of new visitors with the number of returning visitors to see how successful your site is at attracting new people or retaining existing viewers

Map Overlay – with this feature you can look at where the largest amounts of your site visitors came from which could be useful

These are some of the most useful tools for small websites. Analytics packages often allow you to delve further into your websites data and do more analysis but for most small website owners this is not necessary.

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