Website marketing guide
for small businesses and start-ups

Affiliate marketing - what is it and how to use it

A cheap way of marketing online is to get other people to do the hard work! Affiliate marketing is where other websites sell your product or service on your behalf and get commission from either the lead or the sale.

Setting up an affiliate can be as simple as asking another site that targets similar users to yours if they would like to host your advertising banner in return for a percentage of any profits that are generated from clicks through it.

To make it work you will need to have some kind of reporting tool in order to track where your customers arrive at the site from. Allocate each affiliate with a unique reference code so you can track visitors to your site effectively.

To get benefit from affiliate marketing the profit margin on your product or service must be large enough to accommodate commission payments. On the other hand, if your customers make regular repeat-transactions, it may be worth sacrificing the profit on one sale to make more sales in the future.

If you think this could work for your business, investigate affiliate programmes on sites such as or

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