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With users today relying on Google for everything from their smallest needs to their biggest purchases, performing well in search engines should be one of the primary concerns of your online marketing campaign. If your site is at the top of search engines, you will see more visitor traffic, which inevitably translates to more business for your company.

There are many sites and online resources which can help you to maximise your search engine ranking. SEOmoz is one site with great resources and information to get you started. Tools like “On-Page Keyword Optimization” and “Keyword Difficulty” conduct analyses to identify which queries maximise your ranking potential, and which keywords are best to target. Google Webmaster Tools can also tell you the keywords that are most relevant to your site, the number of hits your site is getting for specific queries, and a list of websites that most often link to yours.

In addition to using these tools, take some time to brainstorm the phrases that potential customers might search when looking for your product. If you are a cupcake business in London, for example, queries might include “cupcake business in London”, “cupcake decorating”, “local bakeries”, etc. The SEOmoz tool, Keyword Difficulty, can then tell you how difficult it is to rank for each query. If you are a new business, it is often effective to focus on ranking for less popular keywords at first, rather than trying to compete with competitors for the most popular keywords.

By understanding which queries drive the most traffic to your site, and by maximizing your ranking potential, you can begin to structure a more focused and fruitful marketing campaign.

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