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  • Need a HIP replacement?

    by Josh Hall | 02 Jun 2010

    Among the raft of immediate changes brought about by the incoming coalition government, one of those that grabbed the most headlines was the scrapping of Home Information Packs.

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  • 3 different examples of councils using Twitter

    by Jasper Martens | 02 Jun 2010

    We recently published an interview with Sunderland City Council about the role Twitter and other social media plays within their communication strategy. Since then we've contacted some other councils with the same questions.

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  • 7 reasons to do business with small businesses

    by Jasper Martens | 25 May 2010

    As a business owner or new business manager, getting business from bigger companies sounds tempting. Large businesses are often more stable, financially attractive and it pimps your client portfolio as well. However, there are certain advantages if you dare to do business with smaller businesses. But before we bring on the good news, we would like to share one disadvantage as well:

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  • How your credit score affects your business energy bills

    by Amaia Las Heras | 21 May 2010

    Businesses looking to save on their energy bills should make sure they have a positive credit score before shopping around, as this is one of the main factors that affect the energy rates they'll be offered by other suppliers.

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  • Why professionals need professional indemnity

    by Rosie Beasley | 19 May 2010

    Business professionals give advice and provide services to their clients everyday without issue, however what would happen if you made an irrepairable mistake that cost your client a lot of money?

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  • 5 Linkedin business entrepreneurs you should follow

    by Jasper Martens | 19 May 2010

    For a few months now our business community on Linkedin has been bustling with business discussions between fellow small business entrepreneurs in the UK. If you’ve missed our group, now is the time to sign-up.

    Some members contribute more than others and we’ve selected 5 of these entrepreneurs with an eager sense for business leads or with a good idea. Some of them were employed throughout their career and have just decided to start working for themselves. Check out our 5 most valuable contributors to our Linkedin group.

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  • How to switch business energy providers and save money

    by Amaia Las Heras | 18 May 2010

    Ofgem, the energy industry regulator, warns small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) that not switching their energy providers regularly ("not being active customers") puts them in danger of getting worse deals than those businesses which do.

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  • The emergency budget - what will it mean for your wallet?

    by Josh Hall | 18 May 2010

    In one of its first major policy announcements since coming to power, the new coalition government will present its ‘emergency’ Budget on 22 June.

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  • How Sunderland City Council uses social media to engage with constituents

    by Jasper Martens | 17 May 2010

    Remember Sunderland City Council during the Election result night? Sunderland was the first to announce the General Election results. This remarkable achievement can’t be seen as a one-off result. The Sunderland City Council communication team not only reaches the public quickly and directly during elections, they are also using online communication tools on a daily basis.

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