UK business is booming, according to Pimlico Plumbers’ Charlie Mullins

Millionaire businessman Charlie Mullins predicts a positive future for the UK’s small businesses, saying that things are “booming”.

According to Mullins, a key reason for this boom is experienced entrepreneurs sharing insider tips.

A bright future for the UK’s businesses

Mullins runs Pimlico Plumbers, London’s largest independent plumbing company, which employs hundreds of people and carries out around 2,000 jobs a week.

He recently told Simply Business that he’s excited to see the huge numbers of new businesses that are starting up in the UK each day.

Mullins reckons that the people like him who “know how to succeed in business and are prepared to explain it to others” are helping new entrepreneurs to get going.

He’s happy to share his recipe for success, including his top tips for starting a plumbing business and his advice for growing a plumbing business.

Earlier in 2016, Mullins told The Evening Standard: “I honestly believe this is the best time I’ve ever been in business. There’s real confidence in the market.”

Tradesmen in high demand

Lots of stats support what Mullins is saying, with things looking particularly good for the construction industry.

High demand for builders, plumbers and other tradesmen and a shortage of skilled workers has meant rising demand for construction workers, and a rise in pay.

The signs are good for 2017, with house building initiatives announced in the Autumn Statement and skilled tradesmen still in high demand.

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