Lease assignment agreement template (licence to assign a lease)

We’ve partnered with elXtr, the digital legal solutions brand owned by LHS Solicitors, to bring you a free licence to assign leasehold template that you can download as a PDF or Word document.

licence to assign a lease template - free PDF or Word download

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Why use an elXtr template?

elXtr is a digital legal platform that provides practical solutions to meet your buy-to-let needs. Easy-to-use tips and templates make it easy to keep on top of the legal aspects of your property rental. We’re delighted to be partnering with them to bring you quality legal documentation.

What is a licence to assign leasehold?

A licence to assign leasehold is a document used by a landlord to formally grant permission for a rental lease to be transferred from one tenant to another.

Most leases require the landlord’s written permission for transfer or assignment of the lease to a new tenant, so you can use this document to officially grant your permission.

What to include in a lease assignment agreement

The template is quite straightforward but will always be dependent on the terms and conditions of the lease. When you’re completing the lease assignment, you’ll need to fill in your name and address, the name and address of the tenant giving up the lease (‘the assignor’) and the name and address of the tenant taking on the lease (‘the assignee’).

You’ll then need to add the address of the rental property, the rent amount and period of payment, and the term of the lease. You can also include any covenants, agreements and conditions that the new tenant will need to comply with for example, you may want to ask the incoming tenant for a rent deposit or a guarantor to give you peace of mind. You may also want to impose certain conditions on the outgoing tenant for example to guarantee the performance of the incoming tenant. If you want to include this in the license to assign consider the wording carefully and if in doubt, obtain professional advice.

As the landlord, you then need to sign the document, and the assignor and the assignee will need to do this too. Each of these signatures needs to be witnessed, and the witnesses also need to sign the document and provide their names and addresses. There may be tax and Land Registry requirements to comply with on completion of the assignment.

The elXtr ‘licence to assign a lease’ template

If you’re transferring a lease from one tenant to another, take a look at the elXtr lease assignment template, which you can download as a PDF or Word document for free.

This template is fully customisable, so you can make alterations to ensure that it fits your specific circumstances. Download it using the link below.

Click here to download a PDF of the lease assignment agreement template.

Lease assignment agreement template - free Word document for download

If you would like to make changes and don’t have Adobe Acrobat, you can also download our lease assignment agreement template in Word format.

This document has been produced by LHS so we can’t take responsibility for its contents. We’d recommend you take professional advice before making any important decisions based on its contents.

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