Here's what your tenants could be keeping from you

Almost half of all tenants are hiding something from their landlord, OnePulse research has revealed.

From property damage to keeping pets, it seems that breaches of tenancy agreements are rife.

The survey of 1,350 renters has exposed a worrying level of dishonesty, and will do nothing to improve already-strained relations between landlords and tenants.

OnePulse research reveals tenants’ secrets

OnePulse’s research not only showed that close to 50 per cent of tenants are keeping something from their landlord, it also revealed many are keeping more than one thing a secret.

Here’s what tenants say they are keeping from landlords:

  • Nothing: 55 per cent
  • Extra tenants: 40 per cent
  • Unpaid bills: 37 per cent
  • Other: 28 per cent
  • Property damage: 20 per cent
  • Keeping pets: 19 per cent
  • Redecoration: 12 per cent

Is sub-letting a problem?

Given that many of the respondents admitted to housing extra tenants, it could be an indication of subletting.

So, are tenants sub-letting your property without consent? Well, given that one in six have admitted to it in the past, there’s a good chance this may be the case.

And aside from missed revenue opportunities, this type of activity can also breach landlord insurance and even mortgage terms.

Could your rental property be damaged?

A scarily high number of the 1,350 renters also admitted to property damage. Property damage - along with unpaid rent - costs landlords billions every year, and can often heavily exceed a tenants’ initial deposit.

Coupled with unwanted (and let’s face it, often bodged) DIY property decoration, thousands of pounds can quite easily be knocked off the value of your property.

What can landlords do to prevent problems with tenants?

Before signing your property away for any period of time, make sure that you conduct thorough checks on prospective tenants.

This includes legal ‘right to rent’ checks, but credit checks and personal references are also important.

Meanwhile, understanding what type of landlord insurance you need could help in preparing you for the worst.

And with almost 60 per cent of UK landlords planning on increasing their rent this year perhaps bumping your prices could be a short-term solution?

What do you make of the findings? Do they ring true? Let us know below.

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