Landlords planning to vote leave in EU referendum?

The majority of landlords believe they would be better off if Britain votes to leave the EU on June 23rd, according to a poll on one of our recent articles.

Over half of those polled said they plan to vote leave, and with nine per cent currently undecided and two per cent believing that it will make little difference either way, only 35 per cent think we should remain.

“Landlords are there to provide housing for people who either cannot afford a home of their own or they don’t want the responsibility of owning their own home.” commented Keith, “Private landlords are not a charity, so they rely on the income from their portfolio to make a living and dare I suggest it, to possibly make a profit.”

A damaging trend

Landlords have already faced a hit to their profits in the last 12 months with various changes to taxes introduced in both the summer budget and autumn statement last year - the most outrage-provoking of which was the “tenant tax”, which came into effect earlier this year.

While some pundits believe a British exit from the EU will cause the bottom to drop out of the housing market, it’s clear that most landlords feel that leaving the EU is what’s best for their business interests.

The lay of the land

Current polls suggest that the Leave campaign are closing the gap, with support for remaining in the EU having dropped from over 50 per cent to just 45 per cent since September last year. 43 per cent currently support exiting the EU, but with the polls this close it’s hard to say which way things will go on June 23rd.

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