Do small business owners want to leave the EU?

The majority of small business owners believe their interests would be better represented if Britain votes to leave the EU.

Over 300 small business owners have had their say after we included a poll in one of our recent Brexit articles.

Exactly 50 per cent of those running small businesses appear to support the Leave campaign. However, this doesn’t mean there’s a fifty-fifty split - only 35 per cent think we should remain, and 15 per cent are unsure of how they will vote.

The reign of big business

Many believe that membership of the EU is something that only benefits big businesses at the expense of smaller business operations.

“The need for Britain to continue meeting EU rules for selling into EU” isn’t something that will change if we leave, commented Ian Sanderson: “the only real change will be that taxpayers will not subsidise big business.”

While Sajid Javid, the Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills, recently said it was a “myth” that only massive multinational companies want to remain in the EU and that small businesses want out, this poll suggests that the opposite is true.

Tories divided

There’s a clear split in the Conservative party regarding whether or not we should remain in the EU. Michael Gove, the Justice Secretary, recently spoke about how his father’s business was “destroyed by the European Union”, something many others fear could happen to them if we vote to stay.

The future for Britain and the EU

Polls in general show that support for remaining in the EU has dropped from over 50 per cent to just 45 per cent since September. The Leave campaign have been steadily closing the gap, with 43 per cent currently support exiting the EU. With the polls this close it’s hard to say which way things will go on June 23rd.

What do you think? Sound off in the comments section below.

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