Landlord rents out bed under the stairs for £380 a month

A Manchester landlord has sparked debate after seemingly advertising a single bed under the stairs for £380 a month.

In face of recent announcements over minimum bedroom size legislation, the advert has gained traction on social media with comparisons to Harry Potter’s famed ‘cupboard under the stairs’.

Roomier than it looks

Despite the now viral picture of the room to rent showing only a bed under the stairs, prospective tenants can expect a little more.

SpareRoom have in the past taken down numerous ‘cupboard under the stairs’ type ads, but a spokesman said: “It looks like this one’s a whole room, just that the bed is built into an alcove to make best use of the space.

“We are contacting the advertiser though to check, and will remove the ad if necessary.”

A change is gonna come

Even if the bedroom advertised is more than a bed under the stairs, the room could soon be under strict sizing rules.

A landlord – also from Manchester – was recently taken to court for renting a bed above a box room, a case which set in motion a proposal for a minimum bedroom size of 6.5 sq m.

Alternative arrangements

And it’s not just the Harry Potter-themed ads that are removed. Earlier this year a landlord had his ad taken down after offering free accommodation to ‘attractive females’.

A landlord in London meanwhile let a room out for just £1, providing the tenant was tech-savvy and willing to help the them with their web development skills.

Bizarre bedrooms and funky flats - what’s the strangest rental room you’ve come across? Let us know in the comments section below.

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