Traditional to digital - Which businesses are winning?

Our world is dominated by everything tech related and those who don’t adapt are left behind. It’s old news, sure, but there are many businesses out there that are benefiting from the transition.

From halls to web portals

Bingo, is a good example! When considering the game, the first thing that comes to mind is probably little old ladies with blue rinses, hunched over a gridded card and stamping numbers furiously with a giant pen. Bingo halls up and down the country are closing regularly and much like the demise of newspapers people wait with baited breath to see if the game will suffer the same fate.

However, the companies behind the bingo games aren’t losing out. They’ve moved online in a big way and are seeing communities spark up behind computer screens, as people sign up and play games on a Friday evening with a glass of wine in hand.

Digital meat dealers

The family butchers are another example of a business that is benefitting from a transition of traditional storefront to selling online. While you don’t see many on the high street these days, you will find them online, selling packs of meat to be delivered or collected. A great example of a business handed down from generation to generation finding new opportunities in this digital age.

We’re all shifting behind our screens

Figures for UK retail sales actually fell by 0.2% in June, compared to May, with petrol stations, supermarkets and household outlets suffering the biggest blow. However businesses with responsive websites and strong mobile platforms are performing well, although a recent study has discovered that most consumers use their mobile to browse products before making a decision to later buy them online using their desktop.

The study concluded that out of the 6,700 consumers 45% used their mobile for shopping related tasks, but only 18% actually went on to purchase the product using their device. Therefore, for these businesses doing well, a mobile site is key if you have a product that requires consideration.

And it’s time to get social

Social media is a great way of grabbing some easy online wins; Tesco are proof of this with witty tweets and responses online that have brought them to the attention of an entirely new audience. Companies who embrace social media will see their transition from traditional retailing to digital business progress smoothly.

When it comes to traditional vs digital in the world of retail there are definitely some clear winners, many of which you might not have considered even viable online. The world is definitely changing when it comes to consumer choices and those who don’t take advantage of the booming online world will surely lose out.

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