Six ways to loosen up and embrace (a little) chaos

If you’re the kind of person who really sweats the small stuff, we’ve got some great tips for loosening up and letting go at work.

1) Use your lunch break to do something different

You’re probably not the type to take a leisurely lunch, but try to put some time aside each day to step out of your workspace. Whether it’s an afternoon coffee at that espresso cart you normally walk straight past, or taking your sandwich to the nearby park and saying hello to the dog walkers, a change of scene can keep your mind fresh and stop you getting too worked up by business frustrations.

2) Find a new way to work

Use your journey to work or commute to your client as a chance to mix things up a bit. Take the scenic route sometimes, or get off the train a couple of stops early and walk the rest of the way. Try to navigate without the aid of GPS or maps: getting a little bit lost could help you embrace the idea of uncertainty.

3) Take ten before you respond

Not everyone’s as much as a stickler for detail as you are, and this can sometimes drive you mad. If an email rubs you up the wrong way, try to get out of the habit of shooting off a hasty response. Instead, take ten minutes to calm down, make a cup of tea, and mull over a more measured response.

4) Step into someone else’s shoes

If you think organisation and detail are key, it’s sometimes tricky to understand those chaotic creative types who don’t seem to understand deadlines or processes. Most businesses work best when there’s a combination of personality types. Think about the good points of your scattier colleagues, and appreciate the fact that they probably find your opposite tendencies equally puzzling.

5) Work things out with a work-out

If you struggle to switch off from work frustrations, build an exercise session into your daily routine. Yoga is well-known for helping you unwind, and you can try dynamic or flow yoga if you want something a bit more fast-paced. If yoga’s not your thing, going on a run or a bike ride can also clear your mind and help you sleep more soundly at night.

6) Don’t be afraid of delegating

You probably find it difficult to delegate, but keeping control of every little detail will only lead to exhaustion. Set up simple processes so that you can check work at crucial stages, but also give others some space to do things in their own way, and try to feel pleasure rather than panic if you get different results from the ones you expected.

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