Landlord finds 50 stone pig living inside property

A Lincolnshire landlord renting out his parents’ property had a porky surprise last month, after finding that a Vietnamese pot bellied pig had made the place its home.

Dr Gary Armstrong thought he was letting his three-bedroomed bungalow to an RAF serviceman alone, however a recent visit revealed a huge pig – along with £7,500 worth of damage.

The hog mistaken for a dog

Alarm bells began to ring when a builder reported a ‘large dog’ at the property, despite the fact that Dr Armstrong had slapped a strict ban on any pets. The tenant was told to remove the dog (in reality a 50 stone pig) but he ignored the requests leading to Dr Armstrong’s shocking discovery last month.

He explains: “The whole thing started to come together as the state of the house and garden were not consistent with a dog. On a previous inspection we had been kept out of one room where I suspect the pig was hiding. The house is in a shocking state. On a personal note, it’s so upsetting to see a much loved family home ruined.” The 36-year-old added: “It was huge - it had tusks.”

An expensive swine

According to Dr Armstrong the property will need new floor covering, along with repairs to the garden and patio. “As you can imagine, a pig living in the house equals a lot of dirt, the walls are filthy” he said, “The house absolutely stinks and is full of long pig hairs. The garden is a state.”

What’s the oddest pet you’ve encountered in a property? Let us know below in the comments!

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