What to expect from launching your first pop-up

Businesses are increasingly using pop-ups to build brand awareness and to grow. Here are a few useful pointers for what to expect from our friends We Are Pop-Up. Building from our previous article 10 steps to launch your own pop-up, we have put together the 5 top tips for what to expect in order to make the most of the experience, ensure the process goes smoothly, and ultimately secure your pop-up’s success.

Set clear goals

At the start of the project, set clear objectives for your pop-up. These could include driving brand awareness, testing product price-points, experimenting with brand messaging or purely maximising sales. Keep your eye on your initial objectives each day to measure what’s working and what’s not. If you’re hitting targets, how can you do more of what’s working, and if you’re not, why is that?

What can you iterate to drive different results? Could you change up the store layout? Merchandising? Prices? Branding? How are you interacting with customers throughout the buying process and are you active enough on social media? If it’s not working, be bold and make changes, don’t just to more of the same.

Know your requirements

Make sure you know the exact specifications and facilities of the location you will be popping up in as well as any support that may be offered. Find out what is included with the venue and what you need to source yourself, such as furniture, lighting and any in-house decoration. Details will be included in the listing for the space you book on We Are Pop-Up, but if you have any further questions do check in with the landlord.

Communicate effectively

Communication is the key when it comes to popping up. Often the landlord will have plenty of experience and expertise in this field – ask for advice if you need a hand or a second opinion. There is always something to learn and the process of launching a pop-up provides the ideal setting for this. By allowing some room to grow and communicating openly and effectively with the landlord as well as your own team, not only will the pop-up run smoothly but you will gain valuable knowledge along the way.

Promote yourself

If you build it, will they come? The space is not in charge of footfall - you need to drive that yourself. One misconception about popping up is that customers will simply appear because you’re there, but if people aren’t aware of who you are or where you are located then you will miss out on a huge potential audience. Make the most of the unbounded (and free) power of social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Reach out to new audiences to tell your story as well as engaging your established followers. If in doubt, advertise, advertise, advertise.

Learn from the experience

Remember: this is an experiment. Pop-ups are a proven way to test a new brand or business concept, measure your progress and learn from the result, but there is no concrete rule to success. Evaluate each of your objectives - whether that was building brand awareness, testing price-points, or sales - by reflecting on what went well and how you could improve next time. If you learn from the experience then ultimately your pop-up will have been a success.

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