Britain's punniest small business names revealed

A nationwide competition has Britain in stitches celebrating creative and hilarious business names to crown the country’s best.

Would you buy a bunch of flowers from “Back to the Fuschia”, or merely chuckle as you walked past? How about a portion of cod and chips from “Frying Nemo”?

For decades, creative owners have taken inspiration from pop culture, including films, TV and common sayings, to name their businesses. Now, a new competition has been launched to find the punniest small business name in the land with a whole host of prizes up for grabs!

We’ve got a while to wait until the winner’s announced, but these are some of our favourite entries so far:

Alan Cartridge

“Alan Cartridge” (office supplies in Leeds)

World of Woolcraft

“World of Woolcraft” (knitting shop in Kent)

Samuel L Jackson

“Samuel L Jackson” (driving school in Liverpool)

Frying Nemo

“Frying Nemo” (Fish & chip shop in Yorkshire)

Recent brand research by Nectar Business shows that people are more likely to chat about a business name if it’s humorous: 44% said they’d strike up a conversation about a punning business name, compared to 19% who would discuss an ordinary name. This means that playing on words when you name your business could pay off.

In the survey of 2,000 people, fish and chip shop “The Codfather”, came out as the most popular, with pun fans enjoying the playful reference to the popular gangster film.

Do you think names like these can generate conversation and encourage customers, or would you take a business with a punning name less seriously? Let us know in the comments.

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