Meet Leanne McClements, billboard winner number eight

We caught up with Leanne to find out a little more about her and Vanity.

Vanity billboard

Another week, another billboard winner and this time our victor is Vanity, a popular salon in Lancaster run by Leanne McClements. Leanne picked up the prize in the second wave of our competition, and grabbed our interest with an excellent entry that set her and Vanity apart.

Eager to learn a little more about her we caught up for a quick chat…

What was the motivation for starting your business?

When I’d finished my maternity leave my old boss couldn’t offer me the same hours, so I decided to go it alone and and open my own salon. Vanity’s now been open three years, so it turned out to be a good decision!

How do you promote your business?

We promote the salon through social media, monthly offers and leaflets, as well as through charity donations and a little bit of local advertising.

How important a role do you feel small businesses like yours play in your local community?

I feel that small businesses are a brilliant way to keep communities together, and that they keep costs down for people in the current climate. In my eyes they play an important role in towns and cities across the UK.

Why do you think Lancaster is a good place to run a small business?

Lancaster is a small city that has a great network of people, and a great selection of small businesses to cater for all the community. Local people are supportive, making it a great place to run a small business.

What are your plans for your business over the next five years?

I plan to open another salon, within the next month in fact! This’ll be more of a barbershop, catering to the male market. In five years time I hope to have expanded further and to still enjoy the work I do.

Do you have any advice for those considering starting a business like yours?

Make sure you plan ahead, and ensure that the timing is right for you personally. From Vanity I’ve learnt that you need to just go for it when you feel the time is right.

How will this billboard help your business?

I’m hoping that the billboard will expand people’s awareness of Vanity and what we have to offer, so we that we can entice new customers and help them feel good about themselves.

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