Britain 'wants rent controls'

Brits “overwhelmingly back” the return of rent controls, with just 6.8 per cent in opposition.

Generation rent

This is according to a new survey from Generation Rent, which found that nine people support the introduction of new measures for every one who opposes it.

Amongst private sector tenants, 77 per cent support controls, with 56 per cent backing amongst homeowners.

Backing for the measures is spread across all political parties. Some 69 and 70 per cent of Labour and Liberal Democrat supporters are in favour, compared with 55 per cent of Conservative supporters 58 per cent backing UKIP.

Generation Rent director Alex Hilton said: “The high level of support from home owners indicates concern and sympathy from an older generation for a largely younger generation condemned by high house prices to a lifetime of rent slavery. Private sector renters are now spending upwards of 40 per cent of their incomes on rent.

“By supporting rent control, politicians have an opportunity to do something that will have a real, beneficial impact to millions of people while at the same time saving the taxpayer money through the Housing Benefit bill, £9 billion of which goes straight into the pockets of private sector landlords.”

Last month the pressure group proposed a rent control regime that would see monthly bills capped at half the annual Council Tax bill of the property. Landlords would be able to charge above the maximum, but any such increases would be subject to a 50 per cent surcharge, the proceeds of which would go into a ring-fenced fund for building social housing.