Renters ‘to outnumber homeowners in 104 constituencies’

Renters will outnumber homeowners in more than 100 parliamentary constituencies by the time of the next census.

This is according to new research from Generation Rent, which suggests that if current trends continue, 104 MPs will represent more renters than homeowners by 2021. This represents 16 per cent of the country’s total constituencies.

The number of renters has grown steadily over the past decade and a half. The Generation Rent report says that the number of constituencies in which more people are renters than own their own home grew from 38 in 2001 (6 per cent of constituencies) to 65 in 2011 (10%).

The pressure group made their prediction for 2021 by applying the same rate of growth.

According to Generation Rent this increase “represents a huge increase in political power for renters after a generation of neglect by successive MPs.”

More than a third of the UK lives in rented housing, but the group believes that renters are politically underrepresented.

The group is calling on MPs to sign up as ‘Renter Champions’, which they say will demonstrate that those politicians are “serious about making renting a fair and sustainable tenure.”