Beyond the Bay: top tech cities

San Francisco Bay tends to be in the spotlight – but what are the opportunities beyond the Bay?

Earlier this year, entrepreneur and venture capitalist Mark Suster wrote a series of posts on startup hubs which inspired us to dig a little deeper into the startup ecosystems of cities across the world. As a tech company we take a keen interest in the wider tech community, and we wanted to see how cities like London (home to our HQ) fared against the Bay.

Putting a picture together

We started by sourcing data on startup and investor numbers from AngelList – a platform that brings startups and investors together - then combined this with LinkedIn data on talent to build a picture of each city. The result was a wealth of stats that we’ve put into an interactive graph, which reveals some fascinating insights that might shift some tech perceptions.

Get to grips with the interactive graph here and read on for a brief breakdown of what we found…

The best opportunities for startups seeking funding

First, we looked at the best opportunities for startups seeking funding:

Tech graph3

By plotting the number of investors against the number of startups, we were able to highlight areas that look more favourable for businesses seeking funding. The Bay Area and New York offer the greatest opportunity for startups seeking investment. Seattle and Singapore also have strong investor to startup ratios, and impressive pools of talent.

But what if you’ve got enough funding for your venture?

The best opportunities for startups who aren’t seeking funding

Here we plotted the number of developers against the number of startups to see which cities have favourable conditions for companies that are more concerned with attracting talent than funding. With the highest ratio of developers to startups - and low cost of living - cities like Bangalore, New Delhi and Mumbai offer interesting alternatives. Boston, DC, Dallas, Denver and Seattle all look attractive too.

The largest tech hubs (San Francisco, New York, London and LA) are extremely competitive if you’re looking to recruit developers.

Tech graph4

Next we explored…

The best opportunities for investors

By plotting the number of startups against the number of investors we were able to find the cities with potentially favourable conditions for those seeking to invest. Here, Greater Los Angeles and London beat out San Francisco and the Bay Area; and there also looks to be less competition for investment opportunities in Toronto, Atlanta, Bangalore and New Delhi.

Tech graph1

And finally…

The best opportunities for developers

In this graph we plotted the number of startups against the number of developers in each city in order to get a sense of which cities offer potentially favourable conditions for developers seeking work. The data shows the Bay Area and New York are the top cities for developers, with LA and London closely behind. Other lucrative destinations for developers include Chicago, Toronto, Austin, Berlin, Paris and Moscow.

Tech graph2

Keen to explore the data yourself?

This short summation just scratches the surface, and there’s many more interesting insights our research threw up. You can view the full interactive graph here, and filter it depending upon the specific data you’re searching for. We’d love to know what you think, so let us know via the comments.

Click image to open interactive version (via Simply Business).  

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