Meet Anuli Obienu of Intoxyque, our latest billboard winner!

We spoke to Anuli to find out a little more about her and Intoxyque.

Anuli billboard1

With #SimplyVent winners handing over designs and billboards being put together, we’ve got another one to share this week – Anuli Obienu’s billboard for Intoxyque.

Aside from the fact that she’d rather ‘sing on reality TV than talk about insurance’ there wasn’t too much else we knew about Anuli. So, last week we took the time to find a little more about her and Intoxyque.

What was the motivation for starting your business?

I couldn’t find any condiments that were wholesome and tasty, as well as vinegar and sugar free - so I decided to start making my own.

When did you first start your business?

I’ve been making the condiments for friends and family for years, but I only decided to start it as a business just over 3 years ago.

How do you promote your business?

I relied mainly on referrals initially, but to gain a little more business I started exhibiting and selling at village and school fairs. Social media plays an important role for Intoxyque too, and you’ll find me posting regularly on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

How important a role do you feel small businesses like yours play in your local community?

Small local businesses are rallying points for communities. They get people talking - online and offline - and make the community proud of what’s come out of it.

Why do you think Stoneleigh is a good town to run a small business in?

Stoneleigh is a great town to run a small business in. It’s a very friendly, close-knit community where people still say hello and know each other. I’ve received a lot of help from my local community and its services too, and they’ve been very supportive of Intoxyque from the outset.

What is the most difficult part of running a food company?

Running a food company you have to constantly be aware of changing legislation that may affect you. It’s also tricky to introduce and establish yourself as a new brand, as people can be wary of trying new things!

What are your plans for your business over the next five years?

To become a household name!

Do you have any advice for those considering starting a business like yours?

Just do it.

Be prepared to work hard and be smart. Have an open, objective and teachable mind. And don’t be afraid to try and fail. Just pick yourself up and keep going.

It’s very rewarding and fulfilling running a small business – go for it!

Why did you enter the competition?

I had a few minutes spare waiting for a friend who was in the next stall so I thought ’Why not?’ – plus you had some delicious cupcakes on offer. I got a yellow one!

How will this billboard help your business?

It has already helped my business! I’m so excited and re-invigorated. I’ve been telling all my friends and customers and they are excited too! The billboard will really help promote my business locally and we can milk this online too. I’m thinking of running some kind of competition with it – e.g. ‘take a selfie with Intoxyque’s billboard’ and upload it onto social media to win something. Why not?!