Embattled HMRC sees resignation

A senior HMRC employee has resigned, shortly after the latest scandal to hit the taxman.

The Telegraph reports that HMRC chief financial officer Simon Bowles has tendered his resignation. The move follows news that Revenue miscalculations mean that tens of thousands of employees may have had their tax bills miscalculated, although HMRC maintains that there is no link between the miscalculations and the resignation.

The blunder involves further mistakes on bills for many of those who had been affected by miscalculations made by HMRC last year. It is believed that many of those who have already faced demands for payment, or have been sent refunds, could have their bills recalculated again.

HMRC has already admitted to making mistakes over the calculation of as many as five million taxpayers in the 2013/14 tax year. The Revenue had begun to either demand repayment or offer a refund, but it is thought that the process has now stopped since the new mistakes came to light.

One HMRC source, quoted by the Telegraph, said: “HMRC refuses to admit the system doesn’t work, and it’s scandalous that there is no politician holding them to account.

“The system is not fit for purpose. It’s inherently flawed, and routinely produces errors that cause a huge mess for families and employers.”

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