LinkedIn guide for small businesses

Over 300 million people use it, making it one of the biggest social networks. But aside from that, Linkedin is far and away the largest professional social network in the world. So, where’s the value of it for your business?

Well, recent research has shown that LinkedIn is now responsible for a staggering 64% of all visits from social media channels to corporate websites. (Facebook accounts for 17% of these visits, while Twitter is on just 14%).

More visits usually means more leads and customers, so if you’re lacking a LinkedIn presence you could be missing a way to make extra sales. Well-managed, a detailed LinkedIn page can bring benefits to…

Personal Branding - After networking people tend to be keen on connecting via LinkedIn, and a detailed, attractive profile can give you the edge over competitors. In terms of personal branding it can prove an excellent asset.

Extended networking – By increasing your contacts with customers and suppliers, then you increase your chances of finding new contracts. Take the time to build out your network as you never know what new opportunity lies around the corner.

Recruitment – Many unhappy employees turn to LinkedIn, and use it as a tool to help them find a new job. If you’re on the search for new staff it’s an excellent way to bring in fresh talent.

There’s nothing worse than a ‘dead’ LinkedIn profile though; no activity, no current employees, and no up to date messages do not paint your business in the best possible light.

So, whether you’re a b2b business looking to generate leads, or a b2c looking for new recruits, take a look at our LinkedIn guide and use it to get the best out of your page.

Click image to open interactive version (via Simply Business).  

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